A Solid-Color Work Tie

Laure Pierce

The unbroken color a sea of staunchness. An arrow that points down to the path of expected contribution with false hopes tie of appearance is a binding of servitude. A dictation that encloses and segregates to respective bins a lost future a lost breath. Surely it is a lure of formality but a con game at its finest. It’s the fence between 360-degree movement and a flat plane. Pull tighter perfectly steady no change is acceptable. A shallow silken disillusion to secure blocks of repetitive movement in line with a countless string of contractual adherence never leaving forever bound endlessly tied until divergence comes.

A deluge of duty a symbol of conformity surrendering to the closure on the neck. May be survival but is it.

Laura Pierce is a junior at ASU who will graduate in May 2023 with a bachelors in English. She is a native of Arizona and has hopes of becoming an amazing wordsmith and sharing her love of literature with students. Most days, her head is in a book for either collegiate reasons of because of her passion for the written word, but she also can be found laughing and spending time with her dearest loved ones. One of her most important jobs is being the best daughter, sister, and aunt that she can be.