Co-founded in 2006 by Rosemarie Dombrowski (RD), WOD has evolved from an ASU-centric journal to one that celebrates the creative energy of Phoenix’s arts and culture scene. Each year, a new team of student-editors joins her in capturing the talent and vibe of our beloved gritty city.

Rosemarie Dombrowski (RD)

Rosemarie Dombrowski is the inaugural Poet Laureate of Phoenix, AZ and the founding editor of both rinky dink press (a publisher of micro-collections of micro-poetry) and The Revolution (Relaunch), a creative resurgence of the official newspaper of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association. She’s the recipient of a 2017 Arts Hero Award, a Women & Philanthropy grant, a fellowship from the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, and a 2020 Fellowship from the American Academy of Poets. She’s published three collections of poetry, including The Cleavage Planes of Southwest Minerals [A Love Story], winner of the 2017 Split Rock Review chapbook competition. She teaches courses on women’s literature, medical poetry, and journal curation/editing at Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix campus.

Sarah Alcantar

Sarah Alcantar is an honors student at Arizona State University where she’s currently chipping away at a bachelor’s in Business Management. Sarah was born and raised just outside Austin, Texas, the so-called “Live Music Capital of the World” (according to someone from Austin, presumably) and spends most of her time listening to music, reading, and searching for new ways to tell stories. Also, supposedly, chipping away at that business degree.

Annaleez Fishkind

Annaleez “Z” Fishkind is a Phoenix native, musician, and lover of spicy food. Much to the disappointment of her father and bandmate, she has opted to pursue a business degree instead of becoming a college dropout and playing music full-time. She expects to graduate in May of this year, after which she will pursue a career in higher education. On weekends you might find her sitting in a café, drowning a breakfast burrito in hot sauce and checking her email every 5 minutes or so.

Margaret Hall

Margaret is a native of Chicago, IL and is grateful to have escaped to Phoenix, fleeing the violence of her southside neighborhood. After becoming an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mother of six, she decided to return to school to obtain her degree. Now 45, she has earned an Associates Degree from Glendale Community College and is currently an Honor student in her junior year at ASU. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Her love of reading led to her interest in writing and editing. After earning an editorship with Write On Downtown, Margaret was encouraged to pursue other publishing opportunities. She was recently published in another ASU literary journal, Canyon Voices and several other smaller online publications.

Alyssa Klink

Alyssa Klink is a senior at Arizona State University, studying journalism and political science. This is her first experience being an editor for a publication. She has been writing prose and poetry for a few years, and worked with her honors professor to implement poetry workshops at the University of Arizona medical school in downtown Phoenix last semester. Alyssa thinks that the downtown arts scene and culture has a lot to offer Arizonans given its rich history, uniqueness, and importance. Alyssa plans to work in the communications field upon graduation, and plans on getting a master’s degree in the future.

Nicole Soto

Nikki Soto is a junior at ASU obtaining her master’s degree in journalism with a minor in english. She currently works as the managing copyeditor for the Sun Devil Fitness Complex where she oversees a team of copywriters. She has also interned with the Arizona Republic as a breaking news reporter and writes for The Odyssey Online, a publication focusing on youth culture. She is very passionate about both writing and reading creative pieces, and she aspires to be a full-time editor in the future.

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