With a swivel of its head, it bows to the homeless woman below who drags a duffle. Her small shopping cart carries less than what most bring to weekend getaway. Stooped with stories neither you nor I will ever hear, a weary back bears a black Jansport bag.

Another swivel of its elegant head observes a dog and a young man. One is absent, tapping away with their fingers. Minding the world and all its frivolity. Hand rubbing the back of their head. Irritation rolling off the shoulders. Another, wiser companion has the mind to smell the flowers only to be pulled back.

The cranes block out a piece of the sky and claim it for themselves. The rise and fall of these creatures record the city. Build this city. Overlook others.

Emilie Lu is a Barrett, the Honors College and ASU student on the Downtown Phoenix Campus graduating in May 2021. She started exploring her interests in creative nonfiction writing at the encouragement of her freshman English teacher. Since then, her work has been featured at the Piper Undergraduate Writers Showcase and attended the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference as a 2020 ASU Humanities Scholar. She has also been published in the seventh edition of the Celebrating the Humanities & Arts (ChArt) Journal. Currently, she explores her interests in poetry and enjoys playing with her dog.