Dream House

by Julia Fleeman

They called their winter home
“Casa de Suenos,”
though no Spaniard ever dreamed there.

Clean lined Deco, a new sort of desert dove,
it rested among saguaros, javelinas
and petroglyphs left by Hohokam canal builders.

The next owner changed the name to
Ahwatukee – “house of dreams” in Crow –
though no Crow ever dreamed there.

The caretaker’s family lived on the site until the seventies,
the children meeting the school bus
where the dirt road bumped into the mountain.

Finally, developers tore down
the abandoned house
but kept the name.

Now in stucco-lined streets
named for Plains nations
Nebraskans dream of year-round golf.

A former librarian and yoga instructor, Julia Fleeman lives in Ahwatukee. She once participated in a poetry flash mob on the Phoenix light rail. Only one person ran from the car, screaming.