Laura Pierce

The blackness of drowning out scales. A treble clef becomes the singular dot in existence a door that curls tighter shutting out all other spectrums an encompassing auditory black hole. Circular covers to give sound and convey hypnotizing swirls. Arrive at the end the flow is to arrive at the other side of expression, this is a birth untouched meaning coming from the dark. Too much becomes the event horizon to tumble down the lines it can take us to a vista a drugging volume. Danger perhaps but air to some and makes the inanimate alive sucking in until all is one ecstasy to continue a sweet solace.

Laura Pierce is a junior at ASU who will graduate in May 2023 with a bachelors in English. She is a native of Arizona and has hopes of becoming an amazing wordsmith and sharing her love of literature with students. Most days, her head is in a book for either collegiate reasons of because of her passion for the written word, but she also can be found laughing and spending time with her dearest loved ones. One of her most important jobs is being the best daughter, sister, and aunt that she can be.