Kokopelli Walking

C.Christy White

Kokopelli walks past the window
dark as shades of shadow and dirt
He limps under a heavy pack
puffs on a scrounged cigarette butt

He smiles and nods at those who see
the old god of this middle winter desert
Abandoned by his people a generation ago
he wanders the city’s dirty streets

looking for them in dark narrow alleys
behind the trash at the liquor stores
up and down Indian School Road
by the old sprawling VA hospital

During the day he sleeps in the park
tucked under tall oleander hedges
no one sees him in the shadow and light
with the prides of black and white cats

I doubt I’ll see Kokopelli again
not like that in his skin of dirt
hiding the gold of his lonely heart
He’s not looking for those who see him

C. Christy White has been a poet since she could first write. Since the age of 12, her poems have been published in numerous regional journals, including 4 Chambers Press, a previous issue of Write On, several online journals, and in her own chapbooks. She has read her poems to audiences from Portland, OR, to Glasgow, Scotland. In 2017, she earned her MA in Creative Writing with a Poetry Focus. She is president of the Arizona State Poetry Society and publishes a monthly Poetry Missive about Arizona poetry happenings, her personal mission. Poetry is her most consistent passion.