Goth Girl Art

Luckii started apprenticing to become a tattoo artist at the young age of eighteen. At just twenty-three years old, Luckii has left the larger parlor scene to run her own business as well as hone-in on her vision for art. Luckii’s style is dark, gothic, and incredibly intricate, and every work of art that she creates on someone’s body is a distinctive piece of original art.

WOD: When did you first become interested in both tattooing as an art form, and subsequently becoming a tattoo artist?

Luckii: My interest in tattooing started as a rebellious thought when I was a teenager. It was in high school when I really became serious about it.

WOD: When and what was your first creation/piece? What was it like to tattoo on someone for the first time?

Luckii: My very first time tattooing on skin was in August 2017. It was a unicorn skull outline. The process of setting up my station felt calming. I was nervous but as soon as the needle went into the skin , all anxieties and overthinking turned into excitement and determination. I was instantly determined to do my very best one line at a time.

WOD: What inspires you in designing tattoo art, or what inspires you to continue this art form?

Luckii: What inspires me are the people I follow, talk to, and work with. I love to surround myself with other like-minded artists. There is never an end point to tattooing. There’s always something to be learned and I think that alone is what keeps me inspired. I will always have room to grow as an artist in this industry.

WOD: What’s your favorite thing about being a tattoo artist?

Luckii: My favorite thing about being a tattoo artist is getting to create something unique to an individual. I love when I get creative freedom on a design.

WOD: How does your love of tattoo art influence or impact your other work or life experiences and relationships in general?

Luckii: Tattoos are a part of my everyday life. When I paint or draw for myself, I almost always see it as practice or a way to stay motivated.