Next Ancient World

The next ancient world waits beneath my mother in her pink nightshirt making toast for us a kitchen cluttered with keepsakes baskets on the wall and dried flowers this morning it’s little gem donuts a steaming mug of dark roast coffee Post-its to-do and heavy rain Later when we all re-emerge when this pandemic slips back into the dark swamp we will not forget – man woman boy girl – no human is unscathed cancelled classes work-at-home a world online only where toilet paper is abundant and the next ancients will fly unbound by earthly shortcomings together alone above the curve

Michelle Frost is a writer of poetry, children’s stories, essays, and news features; a former bookseller at Changing Hands on Mill Avenue; writer in the schools and a literary tutor with after-school programs. Residing in Mesa, AZ, Frost has been published in Yoga Journal, Portland Parent Magazine, Arizona Woman Today, and the new virtual publication Tales From the Pandemic.