Nuclear Reactor

Laura Pierce

A collision of inciting tones, a ride from lambent blue to a poker of stinging fire. The rise to climactic heat is not a flat sea but a catastrophic verbal explosion. Ferocious words are neutron bullets, shreds the blossom in seconds. The reaction is having you because regulators are innate self-disciple clamps incinerated in the ensuing lava carrying neutrons of damage, tearing apart a lover’s seal

What is the regret. The regret is sometimes too tardy when injected into the cascading failure and the furrowed eyebrows and rigid spine ensuing silence past the point of pushing return buttons.

Laura Pierce is a junior at ASU who will graduate in May 2023 with a bachelors in English. She is a native of Arizona and has hopes of becoming an amazing wordsmith and sharing her love of literature with students. Most days, her head is in a book for either collegiate reasons of because of her passion for the written word, but she also can be found laughing and spending time with her dearest loved ones. One of her most important jobs is being the best daughter, sister, and aunt that she can be.