Real Revolution and High-Priced Handbags (or 14 minutes)

The CEO of the company
Where I work
Earns what I earn
In the first 14 minutes of his day

His lunch costs more than my food for a month
His wife buys $900 handbags

But I just gave myself a raise
I’m gonna get what he gets

I’m only working 14 minutes tomorrow
At 8:15 my desk is a ghost town

I’m a man; he’s a man
His needs are no more than my needs

Walk on me until you smoosh copper from my tired bones

I’m not the drywall in his mansion
Or the right rear tire of his Maserati

14 minutes is all he gets
Unless he feeds a five spot
In the meter on my desk
For an extra 60 seconds
Or an Aaron Burr’s bullet catcher
Or better yet the baldheaded builder of the lightning rod

With enough gold gurgling through the gears
I’ll gladly give up more minutes,
Lose my lunchtime,
And stay seated behind stacks and stacks of paper

Otherwise, it’s a 14 minute limit
So I can go home and count the leaves on my orange tree
And further flatten the feathers on my pillow

The real revolution is not about offing the oligarchs
New ones will just bob to the top of the ocean of capital
The ocean where only our big toe got dipped

Why waste your work just to wet more digits in the pool?
Rediscover your dignity
Take control of your time
Work less and spend more time slacking

Lean way back in your chair, 
Feet propped in the air,
Close your eyes and breathe deep

The thumb rests on the nose
With fingers fluttering the stink of your indifference
Toward that money engorged despot, named CEO

Garrett Smith…