Two Poems by Randy Heflin Jr.

Art Kllr

You know it’s Phoenix
when the murals lose meaning
in the hands of a city
that snorts a line of art

but the high doesn’t last
in the hands of a city
that hates the poor and the sober

the rich pour out and pour up
strike a pose/take a picture/raise your kids
strike a match/take a stand/raise your fist
the whole city is a “concept”

You know it’s February
when you see a white guy painting a Black History Month mural
and rent is due.

10 Reasons Why I Make Art: A Buzzfeed Article

  1. Because one time a therapist said it was inherent
  2. To make my family proud
  3. To flex on ex-girlfriends
  4. To say sorry to said ex-girlfriends
  5. Because I’m chasing something that doesn’t exist
  6. Because I’m starting to hate the word ‘Potential’
  7. To show everyone I’m great enough
  8. To show myself I’m good enough
  9. Maybe someone will see me and buy me a beer
  10. Because Mac Miller said “so when I die, these bitches can still fuck my hologram”

and I want that too

Randy Heflin Jr. is a writer, stand up comedian, and a college dropout who keeps promising himself and his parents that he’ll go back to finish his creative writing degree after he finishes this beer. When he’s not dreaming about being a professional Twitch streamer, you can find Randy slanging drinks at FilmBar. He’s been published by Rinky Dink Press, in issue 12 of Write On, Downtown, and was recently name dropped in a KJZZ article. Shout out to Shawnte.