when freedom
when human touch

when theaters
when concerts

when bars
when restaurants

when no lies
when no pandemic

when vaccine
when safe travel

when no death
when no fear

when no home school
when no zoom classes

when no standing arm’s length
when no masks

when boredom ends
when racism ends

when government governs
when fair pay

when no misogyny
when everyone votes

When will we stop
asking when?

Robert Lewis is a retired ophthalmologist who came to Luke AFB in 1969 and served two years as a Captain in the general medical clinic. He did his ophthalmology residency at UT in San Antonio and began his solo practice in Tempe in 1974. He served as President of the Phoenix Ophthalmological Society from 1996-97. After 38 years of practice, he retired and began to take writing courses. This gave him the insight and knowledge that had been buried in his past. It was like a slow motion camera that allowed him to explore and discover what made him tick.