WOD 2020


Sean Avery, Three Poems
Abby Baker, Self_Abortion
David Chorlton, Trajectories #9, #10, #11
Dorothy DiRienzi, Haboob
Monique Espinoza, The Theory of Walls; Water Memory/Machismo
Isarae Koval, In the Morning
Mary Hope Whitehead Lee, @the shaded bus stop @first ave & jefferson st
Lenny Lianne, Dust
Elena Salamanca (translated by Ryan Greene), Two Poems
Michelle Salcido, Three Poems


Michael Buckius, My Teachers K-8
Oscar Mancinas, Transubstantiation
Sophia McGovern, The Weight of Nothing
Randi Brodsky, Fever
Tonissa Saul, There Isn’t Anything Left to Clean


Isak Bond, Typewriter Poet
The David Dance Troupe
Jeremie “Bacpac” Franko, Muralist
Freddy Prinze Charming, Drag King
Dustin Riot, Drag King
Rozotadi, Hip Hop Artist
Marshall Shore, Hip Historian
Marcus White, Dance/Choreographer
Joy Young, Storyteller